Do you know what bipple is?
There are planes according to my beloved grandchild Vincent, who is 2 years old in 3 days. He is really taken care of by airplanes and helicopters. Not to mention polish helicopters.
Despite his ages, he has a great vocabulary and he takes a great trip with the help of his words and …. his index finger.
Often he also takes paper and pens.
Airplane can he already draw.
My daughter Alva had a surprise to her son today and I was loaded with full camera equipment.
One hour before opening hours at the Air Force Museum, his favorite spot, we should get in and photograph Vincent among the planes, the playplan and …. in one of the viewing plans.
Unfortunately, it was raining today so it did not become the pictures I thought, but at least I got him on our beloved one-piece when we were accompanied by a wonderful woman in the staff. However, they are taken at full speed.

Vincent got a pilot flight Vipen, a plan from the 60’s J

Then we took the usual tour of the museum. When we got to the glass floor over the DC 3, Vincent sat down and said: Bipple bathed!