A little strange coincidence may seem. On Sunday I was involved as a pianist on a baptismal in Sollentuna when my dear friend Agneta’s grandson Nova was baptized. Of course I had my camera with me and because Mom Sandra is born from Linköping, I asked if they want me to photograph a photo to Corren’s family page. They would love it.

Come home and start thinking that it would be nice if I could photograph families at the same time. But soon the reality was struck …. it would temporarily be an impossibility. Well, the thought was good. Today, on my photo-based day, a mother called me who can not attend my drop-in times. She wondered if you can be photographed outdoors, which, of course, can be. I declined this day until she said, “We can get where you are.”

So on Saturday I have two outdoor pictures on Corren’s family side, one of which is photographed outside my house 🙂

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