A little strange coincidence may seem. On Sunday I was involved as a pianist on a baptismal in Sollentuna when my dear friend Agneta’s grandson Nova was baptized. Of course I had my camera with me and because Mom Sandra is born from Linköping, I asked if they want me to photograph a photo to Corren’s family side. They would love it.

Kom hjem og begynn å tenke at det ville vært fint om jeg kunne fotografere familier samtidig. Men snart blev virkeligheden slået …. det ville midlertidigt være en umulighed. Well, the thought was good. Today, on my photo-based day, a mother called me who can not attend my drop-in times. Hun undrar om du kan bli fotograferad utomhus, som, selvfølgelig, kan være. I declined this day until she said, “We can get where you are.”

So on Saturday I have two outdoor pictures on Corren’s family side, one of which is photographed outside my house 🙂

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