Monthly archives:augusti 2017

  • Bipple

  • Do you know what bipple is? There are planes according to my beloved grandchild Vincent, who is 2 years old in 3 days. He is really taken care of by airplanes and helicopters. Not to mention polish helicopters. Despite his ages, he has a great vocabulary and he takes a great trip with the help of his words and ....[...]
  • Barnets första år - Alfreds andra fotografering

  • Today I have had a visit to the studio of a lovely little gosse. In March, Alfred was photographed in the first year of the Child's Childhood series, and now it was scary for part two out of three. He has just begun to sit and mom Hanna was very helpful when I photographed these photos. Everything because he did [...]
  • Hanna och Bengt!

  • Lördagen 19 augusti blev en mycket fantastisk och känslosam dag. Hanna, en kär vän anställde mig som både fotograf och sångerska då hon vigdes med sin Bengt i vår vackra Trädgårdsförening här i Linköping. Dessutom var jag och min familj inbjudna som gäster.Dagen började tidigt, strax efter 7.00 då jag sammanstrål[...]
  • Drop-ut?

  • A little strange coincidence may seem. On Sunday I was involved as a pianist on a baptismal in Sollentuna when my dear friend Agneta's grandson Nova was baptized. Of course I had my camera with me and because Mom Sandra is born from Linköping, I asked if they want me to photograph a photo to Corren's family page. They [...]
  • Nova

  • Beautiful Sunday, when I accompanied Stoltmor Agnetha, my good friend since the 90's, went to Sollentuna to participate in Little Novas baptism. Agnetha sang, I played and we had a great day together with this wonderful family. Many happy laugh :) 
  • Slut på semestern

  • Today, during the dry summer, a hot shower has taken place since the rain has east down. I did not do anything when I steered my studio again after a couple of holiday weeks. 4 lovely families came to be sent to Corren's family side. In addition, I sing with 3 students. A nice day :) 
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